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  • Maria Costello MBE,

    International Motorcyclist

    I'm a motorcycle road racer and Natalia Bowles and her amazing skills in massage have played a part in helping achieve my best year yet, despite having broken 24 bones during my 20 year career. The massage is essential in keeping my body in great shape to perform physical training & motor racing. Everyone needs this in their life!

  • Elizabeth

    You hypnotised me on the 21st Sept. I have been reluctant to txt as part of me (at times) still wants to smoke. And I didn’t want to say that I was a non smoker until I was sure. So you will be glad to know that I haven’t touched a cigarette or an E cigarette since our session. Thank you very much! The work that you do is truly remarkable. I wish I could attend sessions with you to overcome my fear of public speaking. I have recommended you to friends. I don’t know what you did but it was magic. 

    Thanks again, 

    After one session with Sarah Cayton

  • Tentpegging

     General chiropractic care for sport (tentpegging)

    "Lianne helps to keep me balanced, straight and flexible which means my horse can also perform at his best without compensating for my weaknesses. Horse owners tend to spend lots of money on keeping their horses in top shape yet ignore our own pains. We should remember that we’ll get more from our partnership with our horse, and can even prevent minor injuries for our horses if we look after ourselves too!

    Competing in tentpegging as part of the GB squad means a lot of repetitive movements on a galloping horse, holding my lance or heavy sword in my right hand and riding single-handedly with my left hand. My body doesn’t get to work evenly which often results in me feeling twisted and sore. Owning horses also means mucking out and lifting heavy objects, even when you’re sore from competing. I also drive the horsebox for several hours to and from competitions and sleep on a camp bed whilst there so my poor body goes through a lot for my sport!"


  • Julia T

    I have been seeing Kerri for over 7 years now for general footcare and within this time I broke several bones in my foot as a result of an accident. 
    My foot really struggled to heal, which dramatically compromised my ability to walk which was a serious issue for me as I do not drive. I was advised by an orthopaedic surgeon to have an operation due to the pain I was in. I was not at all keen for various reasons, one being I would be unable to weight bear for up to two months. 
    Kerri recommended bespoke orthotics to address the new painful condition I had. What a miracle! Within just a few weeks my foot pain improved so much so, I was able to cancel my operation. I am now virtually pain free and can walk without the aid of painkillers. 
    I can not recommend Kerri highly enough..... 

    Julia T. Northampton.