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Santosh Care

Santosh means contentment. We are a bunch of dedicated and inspiring ordinary people making an extraordinary difference in the life of God's gifted children and their parents. If you wish to know more about us and our work, please browse through our website to get connected to us.
We strive for inclusion by celebrating all the festivals with our kids and organize various events for them to feel like a star. This will boost their self esteem and they will be more flexible in life. Each kid is important for us at Santosh.
We strive for the child to get the maximum exposure during the school hours or the time that is spent at Santosh.
Approachability is the key factor for all the parents of special needs kids and we understand that at Santosh and try to accommodate each and every child as per their needs. We have a strong support system for the families of special needs during the times of emergency.

What We Provide

  • School


    We provide individualized education specially designed for kids as per their capabilities.

    Student teacher ratio in our schools is 2:1 which is very rarely found in special schools.

    We strive for mainstream inclusion as well for our kids at Santosh.

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    We assess our children to determine their specific strengths and weaknesses and then accordingly design the plan for developing vocational skills.

    Training given at our Institute is real time and we hone the skills of the child to be self reliant.

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    We at Santosh provide the long term care for children with special needs with love and affection for 24 X 7, all days in a week.

    Our kids enjoy at our Residential Set up as there is a lot of exposure to the real world thereby bringing an experiential learning within them.

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  • Day Care


    It is an ongoing service where the child with special needs is taken care off during specific period of time like when parents are at work, hospitalized, etc.

    Parents have that flexibility to leave their child during the day for any number of days and hours as well which is not given at any other institutes.

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    • Role Modelling
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Basic Hygiene
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Counselling
    • Speech Therapy
    • Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
    • Group Activities
    • Psychological Services

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    All children can benefit from the exercise, energy release, and pure enjoyment of playing sports, and this includes children with special needs. All individuals benefit from regular physical activity and children with special needs especially. We could all gain from these physical, mental and social benefits of being active.

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Latest from Gallery

    • M. G. Nair and Bindu Nair Mumbai

      Good day everyone, We are the parents of Adeet Nair and would like to share some of our experience with you. Our son Adeet is a14 Years old Autistic individual. He had been hyperactive and restless. For the past 4 years he has been a student of โ€œ Santosh Instituteโ€ and has started to show gradual improvement after being enrolled here. He has started to understand things and hyperactivity has reduced upto an extent. Also to mention that his sitting tolerance has also increased remarkably. Earlier we used to hesitate to take him to crowded places, functions, gatherings etc, as he could not tolerate loud noise and strange people. Hence we never took him to such gatherings.โ€™ But this year we took him to a marriage function and miraculously he behaved quite we there and did not create any problem. All credit of which goes to Mr. Datta Sirโ€™s schools training. Every year Santosh Institute conducts numerous group events which has helped Adeet gain the ability to behave well in crowded function and gathering. All these improvements are because of Datta Sir, Kanchan madam and all of their team members. We once again thank all at โ€œ Santosh Institute โ€œ for the support they have been providing and hope to continue the same in future also.

    • D. Venkat Sairam, Mumbai

      I am associated with Santosh institute since September 2015 (Goregoan Sports). The staff at Goregaon is very cooperative and committed. They are striving to make all the children physically tit and fee confident about their potential.

      Under the leadership and guidance of Shri Dattaram A Fonde (DattaSir) and with sheer dedication of all the staff, the Institute has been serving the society for past decade and made several children to lead an independent life.

      I congratulate the Institute for its success and Pray GOD to Bless Datta Sir to serve the society for many more years.

    • MS Nishi, Mumbai

      My name is Nishi Sharma, my daughter Aashika has Autism. She has been at Santosh Autism Centre for only a month and I just wanted to take a moment and share a conversation I had with my daughter Aashika. The facts may not be accurate, but the grammar, vocabulary and sentence length and structure just amazed me.

    • Mr. Mayank, Mumbai

      We now feel much more relaxed, as we know we are doing the best for our child and whatever progress he makes, he will have reached his full potential.



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